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hybrid training center
Challenge YOUR limits
What We do
Mixed Martial Arts classes
We deliver and teach the art of combat and human movement. Mixed martial arts teaches respect, discipline, emotional control, it builds confidence, creates possibilities and builds lifelong connections with others, PLUS it’s an INSANE form of fitness! It is for anyone, male or female and any age!
Personal Training Service
Whether your goals are in martial arts, fitness, strength, mobility or just to add more movement to your life, then our Experienced Personal Trainers will support you on your journey and tailor your programming to your needs. We are here to make anything possible for you.
Strength, Conditioning and Mobility Classes
Our classes are programmed by our experienced head coach, who includes all aspects of human movement that prevent injury and build a bullet proof body. Our classes are inclusive for all levels and our experienced coaches will make you feel welcomed and always keep you safe. Each session will be tailored to your level and you will always leave feeling you have achieved and got a great workout.
The only person you should try to be better than, is the person YOU were yesterday Join Us 0413 051 884